Tissue box holder in brushed finish and gloss details.

Attention to detail is present in this softly shaped tissue paper box holder, perfectly matching the look of the Baia collection. The structure of this tissue paper box holder has been handcrafted in one seamless brushed metal piece, while its lower insertion and cover have a shiny finish. The elegant cover can be easily removed. This piece can be combined with all other elements in the collection with or without tray. The combination of both brushed and shiny metallic finishes offers a unique effect.
Greige, a combination of grey and beige, is a leitmotiv in Giorgio Armani's creations and is considered by many to be the ideal shade in interior design. It includes nuances in Shiny Greige that create a piece with a unique and striking look.
The Brushed steel finish provides a discreet and sophisticated feel with a touch of elegance and includes nuances in Chrome that add elegance and a classic look to any space.
The Greige and Brushed Steel finishes have been handcrafted to provide the piece with a unique look and add a discreet and contemporary feel to the bathroom.
Ref. A817496040

color: Greige+2 color available

More info-

Height (mm)137
Installation typeCountertop
Length (mm)130
Model numberA817496...
Width (mm)130




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