3/4.5 L dual-flush cistern

A dual-flush cistern is a safe, reliable flushing system that provides unrivalled water efficiency. Complement the contemporary aesthetics of your bathroom with this interactive water-saving design. It is available in three different finishes to complement any bathroom space:Greige, a balance between grey and beige, is a leitmotif in Giorgio Armani’s creations and is considered by many to be the ideal shade in interior design.
Off-White adds a twist to a classic shade and is the height of elegance in any space.
Glossy White is among the most workable finishes and adds a crisp, fresh look to any bathroom space.
The Armani/Roca finishes are hand-crafted, and any possible variations in tone and texture increase the bespoke feel and unique personality of each piece.
Ref. A3410C0R30

color: Greige+3 color available

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Fixing kitIncluded
Height (mm)380
Length (mm)380
Model numberA3410C0..0
Width (mm)170


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