Extractable intimate hygiene shower

With its sleek lines and stunning finishes, this intimate hygiene shower blends in seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom suite and is the perfect complement to the brassware in the collection, providing excellent functionality to bathroom spaces that do not include a bidet. Thanks to the Hide-Shower system, this handheld intimate hygiene shower remains fully concealed in the built-in cabinet Ref. A8164830... (sold separately) until it is taken out for use. This ensures that the overall linear purity of the bathroom suite is not marred by unnecessary visual elements ‒ this essential hygiene accessory is easily within reach but kept discreetly out of view.
Available in four finishes: shiny Chrome creates a fresh, modern look; warm Greige lends a discreet, sophisticated air; the Nero finish adds a bold, contemporary feel; and Brushed Steel brings a unique, industrial finish to the bathroom space.
Ref. A5A6776VC0

color: Greige+4 color available

More info-

Application placeBidet
Flow rate (l/min - 3 bar)1.5
Installation typeDeck-mounted
Model number5A6776...


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